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About Us

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About Us

Summa International Holdings, Ltd., provides Project Management, Financing, Engineering, Consulting, Economic Assessments, and Logistics.

We have the capabilities to provide local and remote management of Projects in Manufacturing, Electric power generation (including Waste-To-Energy and co-generation capabilities), Electric power distribution (including Microgrid), Clean water production, Waste management, Modular Construction Technologies, Transportation, and repurposing brownfield properties into Eco-Industrial Parks. 

Our expertise includes developing products and support for surrounding communities of workers and their families. This involves projects in modular housing development, clean water production, waste management, electric power generation and transportation. 

Why We Are Better:

Summa International Holdings, Ltd., has a specialty in integrated development of Eco-Industrial Parks with Manufacturing using recycled products and Industrial Symbiosis using Advanced Technologies.

Our industry Leading Financial Performance is better than industry averages, including return on investment and return on assets. This includes a better than industry average internal rate of return.

Additionally, we demonstrate industry leading ESG Performance in providing carbon neutral power generation. These technologies create quality jobs and export products with value added utilization of recycled materials






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