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What is an Eco‐Industrial Park?

An Eco‐Industrial Park is an industrial area that makes more effective, efficient, and ecological use of resources.  This concept makes better use of land by incorporating and repurposing existing infrastructure and buildings.  Energy can be provided with the construction of modern and efficient Waste-to-Energy or cogeneration facilities, which can provide both electricity and heat to the Park. Water management could not only use an existing supply but incorporate waste water recycling.  And Materials used in its construction can use recycled products to the maximum extent possible.  Since utilizing brownfield land will be building where industry once was, local people are provided a better quality of life, without having to relocate.

Why Create an Eco-Industrial Park?

 An Eco-Industrial Park creates a sustainable community with industry, not in spite of it.  With proper planning, and with a contractor that understands the concept, it can meet economic, social, and ecological objectives.  Since the goal of an Eco-Industrial Park is to reuse existing buildings it Maximizes infrastructure investment.  Ultimately this Attracts new, progressive sectors and jobs.  By collocating compatible production and products it uses synergies between all site manufacturing.  This in turn protects the industrial tax base of the local community and industrial capacity.  The Eco-Industrial Park can be designed to also provide additional export focused manufacturing products using recycled raw materials.

Eco-Industrial Parks & Brownfields

Paring Eco-Industrial Parks & Brownfields is a link between ecological restoration & ecologically-minded design. Friches industrielles redevelopment by utilizing existing brownfields reclaims what otherwise would be useless land.  The redeveloped property becomes a means to create an additional tax base & jobs.  Our immediate goal is to highlight this project with a high-profile site in Europe.  This will be accomplished by leveraging existing infrastructure at a site that offers good transportation access (highways, waterways, transit, rail, and air transit).  Our goal is also to prevent wasteful demolition by repurposing unused building and structures in these brownfield industrial sites. This can be accomplished where funding and incentives are available.


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