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Modular Construction

Under traditional construction techniques, all building materials, process equipment and facility components are collected at a site and assembled. The completed facility is then tested, validated and brought to operational status. This type is construction is costly and time consuming. In general, the timeline for the completion of a traditional process plant is 27-48 months.

In the modular construction concept, the production plant is prefabricated in heavy-duty and transportable modules. A factory can consist of one or several modules when reassembled together to form a complete, factory tested, ready to operate facility. Industrial manufacturing of the modules means all parameters are known and the timeline for delivery of a complete facility is reduced to 6-12 months.

The original design for these modules was actually for use as off shore drilling platforms, and thus they resist extremely harsh conditions. The modules are finished to required local standards with all process equipment, machinery and utility systems installed.

Some of our applications are as follows:

The construction is balanced with standardized procedures in compliance with the International Standard Organization (ISO 9001). When the equipment is installed, the entire plant is factory tested and certified prior to delivery. At the final site, the units are quickly reassembled and docked to a warehouse building. Commissioning can start immediately; since the plant has already been tested and the running-in time can thus be reduced to a minimum. 



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